Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the New Testament Recovery Version different from other versions?

Since the completion of the New Testament, believers have steadily progressed in their discovery and understanding of the truths it contains. The Recovery Version presents these truths and relates them to the central theme of the Bible—God’s plan to dispense Himself into man. The Recovery Version has insightful study aids such as outlines, footnotes, and cross-references that will help you in your understanding of God’s Word and will enrich your Christian experience. We chose to distribute it because we think it is the best version available today.

2. Why is it called the ‘Recovery Version’?

Each Bible translation has its own name, for example, ‘King James Version’ or ‘New International Version’. The ‘Recovery Version’ is simply the name of this translation.

3. What does the word ‘recovery’ mean?

The use of the word ‘recovery’ refers to the regaining of biblical truth, Christian experience, and church practice that have been misunderstood, misinterpreted, misapplied, or missed completely due to the influences of history, tradition, and even religion. Particularly since Martin Luther’s time, God has been progressively recovering these truths, thus affording His people a constantly increasing understanding of the divine revelation. Now these recovered truths are brought together for the first time in a unique study Bible—the Recovery Version.

4. Why isn’t the Old Testament included?

For our gift offer we’ve chosen to give away only the New Testament. The Holy Bible Recovery Version in English is available for purchase through the publisher, Living Stream Ministry, or through Amana Trust Bookstore in the United Kingdom. The Holy Bible Recovery Version is currently available for purchase only in English.

5. Who is the publisher of the New Testament Recovery Version?

The publisher is Living Stream Ministry in Anaheim, California.

6. When was it published?

The New Testament Recovery Version was published in 1985 and later revised in 1991. The Holy Bible Recovery Version (text only) was published in 1999, and the study edition was published in 2003.

7. Who translated the New Testament Recovery Version?

The editorial section of the Living Stream Ministry translated it.

8. Who wrote the footnotes?

Witness Lee wrote the footnotes, based on his more than 50 years study of the Bible and of the best Christian writings throughout the centuries. Extensive information about his life and ministry is available through Living Stream Ministry.

9. What languages are available?

Bibles for Europe offers the New Testament Recovery Version in various languages: French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Ordering a New Testament Recovery Version from Bibles for Europe

1. How many Bibles can I order?

In order to give away free Bibles in as widespread a way as possible, we have set a limit of one free Bible per person. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing copies of the New Testament Recovery Version.

2. Can I order for other people?

We fill orders that are direct personal requests only; we do not fill orders made on behalf of others without their consent. If you would like others to receive our free literature, please refer them to our website where they may order for themselves.

3. How long does it take for me to get my free New Testament in the mail?

It varies depending on the country of residence and if Bibles for Europe is currently distributing in that particular country. For the United Kingdom, it can take up to four weeks. Please click on the Contact Us link for more information of distributors in your country/language.

About Bibles for Europe

1. What are your beliefs?

Please see our statement of faith to read about our beliefs.

2. How is Bibles for Europe supported financially?

Bibles for Europe is funded solely by contributions and gifts. All contributions are appreciated and used solely for spreading the Word of God. For information regarding gift aid, please contact us.