No Longer Enemies

Have you ever wondered, “Why do I have so much unrest? How can I have peace?” No matter what you do, the inner peace you yearn for seems unattainable. Everyone has felt this way, regardless of background, education, or social status.

The root of this unrest is that human beings are not at peace with God. Why is that? After all, God created us. He wanted to have a loving relationship with us. But Satan, God’s enemy, deceived and poisoned man with his sinful, evil nature. Mankind became sinful and, as a result, is fundamentally in conflict with God. In this condition, it’s impossible to have peace.

The Bible tells us we’re alienated from God and enemies in our mind because of our evil works. Every day, people reject God, profane Him, and act in opposition to Him. Some even daringly say, “There is no God.” Sin affects everyone, estranging them from God and making them God’s enemy.

You might think, “I’m not such a bad person,” but can anyone claim to have never had a sinful thought, spoken a lie, or done something they shouldn’t have? Or maybe you think that good deeds can offset sins. But the poison of sin automatically stains every thought, word, and action. The Bible tells us plainly, “There is none righteous, not even one.”

In order to have peace, you must be reconciled to God. But sins are an insurmountable barrier between mankind and God. In this matter, everyone is utterly helpless; no one can do anything to rid themselves of their sins.

But there’s good news! Because of His immense love, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for the sins of all mankind. The Bible says, “God commends His own love to us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Jesus bore the judgment for your sins and shed His blood to resolve the conflict between you and God. Because of His sacrifice, if you accept Jesus as your Savior, your sins will be forgiven and you’ll be reconciled to God. God will gladly welcome you and fill your heart with a deep peace and His eternal love.

You don’t have to remain in endless turmoil and unrest. You don’t have to be God’s enemy. He loves you and longs for you to be reconciled to Him. Jesus died to make this possible, but you must accept Him and what He did for you. Simply repent—that is, turn your heart to God. Confess your sins to Him and accept the Lord Jesus as your Savior by praying:

“Lord Jesus, I repent. I confess I’m a sinner. I’ve been Your enemy. Forgive me of my sins. Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me and dying on the cross for me. I receive You as my Savior right now. Thank You for reconciling me to God and bringing me peace with God. Amen.”

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